Caliber Public Safety

A suite of innovative solutions

Computer-Aided Dispatch

Our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software enables dispatchers, responders and commanders to collaborate in real-time, across agency, discipline, and location boundaries.

Mobile Solutions

Caliber Public Safety Mobile applications deliver critical communications, actionable data, and situational awareness for tactical decision-making and responder safety in the field.


Caliber Public Safety PocketCop delivers faster access to critical information necessary to protect the community and increase tactical awareness.

Records Management

Highly secure cloud technology allows the Caliber Records Management System (RMS) to get the right information into the hands of the right front-line officers at the right time.

Offender Management

JailTracker puts every aspect of offender and facility management online, from booking to GAAP-compliant accounting.

Forensic Management

Forensic Advantage® is a full-featured Laboratory Information Management System.