NIBRS State Repository

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Caliber’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is an incident-based reporting system used by law enforcement agencies in the US for collecting and reporting data on crimes. Local, state and federal agencies generate NIBRS data from their records management systems.

With over 15 years experience, Caliber is an industry leader in state repository reporting – our representatives sit on the IJIS CPAC subcommittee where they work closely with other subject matter experts to examine and update the NIBRS standards.

Our relationship with the federal government allows Caliber to be on the forefront of shaping standards based on feedback from our clients. Because there is an ever-growing need for standardized state repository reporting, we are motivated to lead the way in providing a Next Generation UCR/NIBRS Repository.

Caliber also works directly with the FBI and Bureau of Justice Statistics to support the NCS-X program with a cloud-based UCR/NIBRS exchange. By leveraging economies of scale, the cloud option will offer a highly capable and cost effective system for managing NIBRS reporting at your agency.

By trusting your state reporting future to Caliber, your agency instantly gains the expertise and relationships needed for educated decision-making on platform configuration and operational procedures.

Centralized Data Repository hosted at Nlets

  • Capability to ingest and output N-DEx, NIBRS, LEOKA, Hate Crime and other UCR data.
  • Replace legacy mainframe while not disrupting the current state reporting practice. Operate a hosted NIBRS repository in parallel with existing system to expeditiously transition agencies to submitting NIBRS.
  • Trusted service provider service bureau approach to managing agency certification processing.

Improved Application Interface for State Repository Staff

  • Integrated software tools to view, analyze, and report.
  • Enhance crime data analysis.
  • 100% web browser based user interface – no client software installation required.


Increased Efficiency in Local Agency Participation and Data Processing

  • Immediate data feed-back.
  • Export custom reports in multiple formats.
  • Hosted NIBRS compliant RMS solution for local agencies with no RMS, or using a RMS that does not support NIBRS data capture and submissions.



  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into the state’s infrastructure.
  • Built with an open architecture design using standard industry tools.
  • Securely accessible through a web browser.
  • Equipped for single entry and Batch File Upload of data.
  • Structured for dual error checking at both the state and federal level.
  • Based upon modular components providing value and field-tested reliability.
  • Configurable to meet the unique needs of the state.
  • Easy to learn and use while offering powerful tools to record and analyze data.