NIBRS State Repository

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Our NIBRS State Repository solution integrates seamlessly into the state’s infrastructure and is configurable to meet each unique data requirement. Agencies can enter data via multiple methods: batch uploads from a RMS solution, individual incident entry from any computer with a web browser, or from other mass storage devices.

We understand the importance of selecting a reliable provider for your NIBRS State Repository. Caliber Public Safety provides the flexible and fully compliant solution needed to achieve your objective, surpassing other public safety software companies by thoroughly understanding your needs.

Our State Repository solution includes all data elements from the Federal NIBRS Volume I Data Collection Guidelines. The NIBRS Verification Module is compliant with the Federal NIBRS Volume IV Error Message Manual and data input is implemented according to each state’s individual guidelines. The data extraction module uses the Federal NIBRS Volume II Data Submission Specifications.

Caliber Public Safety stays current with NIBRS issues by not only maintaining regular contact with the FBI database management team involved with building and servicing the national system, but also working closely with several state agencies. As a result, we are recognized nationally as NIBRS subject matter experts.

Through our strategic partnership, your NIBRS State Repository can be hosted at Nlets! You can rely on Caliber Public Safety to handle one of your most difficult challenges with a reliable, affordable solution:

  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into the state’s infrastructure.
  • Built with an open architecture design using standard industry tools.
  • Securely accessible through a web browser.
  • Equipped for single entry and Batch File Upload of data.
  • Structured for dual error checking at both the state and federal level.
  • Based upon modular components providing value and field-tested reliability.
  • Configurable to meet the unique needs of the state.
  • Easy to learn and use while offering powerful tools to record and analyze data.