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Kalkaska PD Migrates to TIMS RMS Software

Kalkaska Police Department in Kalkaska, MI has decided to take advantage of a migration program to move to the Talon Incident Management System (TIMS). The TIMS software conforms to the new MICR XML standards being required by the Michigan State Police starting in January 2018, so they will be ready for that new change. It will also be hosted by Caliber so the agency will not need to purchase their own server hardware.   TIMS has [...]

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TIMS RMS software chosen by Crawford County Sheriff’s Department

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office in Grayling, Michigan has chosen TIMS for their new RMS system. TIMS, which stands for Talon Incident Management System, is also used by Grayling Department of Public Safety who has been using it for five years.   Crawford County Sheriff and Grayling DPS will now be able to more easily share data between agencies, and also from their CAD system with a CAD Import module that will bring their call for [...]

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