CALIBER Testimonials

We have used InterAct / Caliber Public Safety since 2004. Our upgrade to CAD10 from CAD6 and our recent update installation of CAD were a breeze! I appreciated Aaron keeping me in the loop via text message as to the progress of the update!

Kristy Easterwood, Operations Chief

Pickens County 9-1-1, Jasper, Georgia

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Caliber Justice: Documentation and Information at Your Fingertips with JailTracker

Caliber Justice: JailTracker, A Cost and Time Efficient Solution

Caliber Justice: Long Term Relationships and Support with People You Know and Rely On

Caliber Justice:  Support


Caliber Justice: Scan and Access Your Facility Documents Faster with JailTracker

Caliber Justice: Save Money with JailTracker

Caliber Justice: Improved Booking Process

The staff at Caliber treats you like family. They are always willing to help you, and their technical support staff are very knowledgeable about their softwear programs. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Leilani Clarkson, Inmate Accounts/Canteen Clerk

Marion County KY Detention Center

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Requests for help are acknowledged very quickly via email. A follow up call to address the question is, in my experience, within minutes. Calls do not seem to be rushed, and the rep takes the time to think through the issue and answer questions in a courteous and professional manner. If they cannot answer a specific question, they find the answer and follow through with getting the issue resolved.

Jeannine Fekete, Jail Civil Records Administrator

LaPorte County IN Sheriff’s Office

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I worked with TAC.10 prior to its acquisition and now Caliber Public Safety for a combined total of 9 years, and it has been a great relationship! The products are exactly what I need, and Caliber is very accommodating to make sure the products do exactly what I need them to do. I always feel like I have a personal one-on-one relationship with their support staff; they always make me feel like I am a priority and friend. I will never switch to anything else!

Jennifer Bauer, Civil Deputy

Howard County IA Sheriff’s Office

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We recently moved our 911 Center to a new location and were very nervous about transferring our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The team from Caliber Public Safety handled our transition remotely and directed our IT technician through every step. Because of their knowledge and commitment our move was a great success and we never missed a beat in offering 911 services to our citizens. 

Dean Meadows, Director

Wyoming County 911

Pineville, WV

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TAC.10 has far exceeded our expectations with its Records Management System and Mobile products. The .NET platform provides the ability to make the entire range of computing devices work together and have user information automatically updated and synchronized on all of them.

Sheriff Steve Telkamp

Murray County MN Sheriff’s Office

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The Knox County Detention Center is very pleased with the JailTracker service. I could list a ton of reasons (ease of use, easy to learn/train) but I think most of “JailTracker love” is created by the customer service that your company offers — sometimes at a second’s notice. It is a pleasure to call and get an actual person on the phone … almost immediately … and after hours.

David Stewart, Controller

Knox County Detention Center
Barbourville, KY

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The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center utilizes an integrated TAC.10 RMS and JMS, which not only saves time by eliminating duplicate data entry, but allows Officers to have all information from both systems in one convenient location. Having the ability to write routine searches, make photo lineups, attach photos to incident reports, and write incident reports for the RMS and separate in-house reports for the JMS are all extremely nice features.

Major Terry Van Doral, Detention Director

Dorchester County SC Sheriff’s Office

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I know they’re picking up more and more jails, but I still feel like I’m the only one. I don’t feel like I’m bugging them when I call. I love this company. I really do.

Kim Grigsby, Jail Administrator

Kenton County, Kentucky

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Working with the team from Harris Computer has definitely been a rewarding experience. They have created a program I never thought possible for Gilchrist County. ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’, Michael Jordan.

Bobby Crosby, County Administrator

Gilchrist County, Florida

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Utilizing InterAct’s trusted, secure Hosted Online RMS solution frees up our technology support resources and provides me with the peace of mind to focus on other departmental IT needs.

Angie Sanford, IT Manager

Hattiesburg MS Police Department

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The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has used PocketCop since 2006 and has seen tremendous value in the use of PocketCop. Being able to provide Deputies with access to calls from CAD, NCIC and messaging from a handheld appliance is a must! This application has helped increase officer safety, through GPS locations, as well as increase real-time data. The ability to allow the officer to perform single sign-on inquiries into CAD, RMS, NCIC and others is a huge benefit! This eliminates the need for the Deputy to search through multiple resources and sign-ons, while face to face with suspects or violators.

Lieutenant Matt Jackson

Oklahoma County OK Sheriff’s Office

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The upgrade of the TAC.10 RMS system has been extremely helpful to our office. It has been easier to look for specific entities such as incidents, offenses, persons, businesses, etc. We are able to view reports that are specific to our needs. When statistics are needed for a specific location, we are able to run a report that lists the ICR number, report date, and the offense.  I would recommend this program to any agency in need of a records management system.

Amanda Johnson, Records Officer

Jackson County MN Sheriff’s Office

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I have really enjoyed working with InterAct on our new CAD system. This system has been a wonderful improvement to our E911 Center. The technicians, trainers and customer service personnel have greatly surpassed anyone I have used in the past. The CAD system is easy to use both on the Administration and Dispatch side. I wholeheartedly recommend InterAct CAD for any agency that needs a top-of-the-line system with great customer support.

Alisha Evans, E911/GIS Coordinator

Bladen County E911 – Elizabethtown, NC

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If I were a new jailer considering a new tracking system for the jail, or a new booking system, I think JailTracker would do very well, because it is easy. There are so many different things you can do on the system. It is easy to train your officers on, and it is very organized as to how you can book someone in or locate someone within the jail. It makes it very easy on a new officer.

Phillips Hudson, Booking Sergeant

Meherrin River Regional Jail – Alberta, VA

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We have been using InterAct’s Mobile applications since 2004, and have had nothing but great success. For all the software maintenance plans that we are asked to continue annually, we never hesitate to pay their bill because their 24/7 customer service has always been second to none. Great company, great software — it works.

Mike Ward, Chief of Police

Alexandria KY Police Department

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We have used InterAct RMS since January 2013. The program is convenient for all users and works well for our agency. We are able to access our reports from any internet accessible computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. We have been satisfied with the service and assistance we have received from InterAct personnel.

Regina Blackstock, Officer in Charge of Records

Harrison County MS Sheriff’s Office

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We are very pleased with the county-wide application of the TAC.10 RMS system. It has allowed us to share data with our outside agencies using one vendor to provide a solution that works for small and large agencies within our county. The software design allows for data to be easily transferred from CAD to RMS users, creating efficiencies for the officers on the street and eliminating the need for them to enter data that has already been entered by the 911 dispatchers.

Lt. Tim Blizek

Chippewa County WI Sheriff’s Office

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JailTracker is a very user-friendly Jail Management System. We use it to not only track bookings and releases, but to report our confinements to the State, barcode inmate movement and rounds, and facility visitors. It seamlessly interfaces to many other data systems. We are working to begin using the program for staff and inmate classes and scheduling. The support is second to none – hands down.

Guy Short, Director of Information Technology

Meherrin River Regional Jail – Alberta, VA

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During the process of planning and preparing for our new communications center, I spoke with several companies and viewed their products. The InterAct CAD system was hands down the choice because of the format, integration with other systems, ease of use and records retrieval. Now three years later, we rely on our system with dependability and satisfaction.

Rosemary Ezell, Communications Supervisor

Forrest County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi 

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We have had a few different software vendors during my time at Johnson County.  We got accustomed to being ignored by our vendors or disappointed in their effort to support our agency. TAC.10 has delivered on their word and has proven to be a company that will work and grow with us. TAC.10 has been a great choice. I highly recommend them.

Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek

Johnson County IA Sheriff’s Office

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Our agency has been with Global Software for several years. In our years as customers, their staff has always been very responsive to our needs. Global Records is great solution for records management. It’s easy to use and, most importantly, it’s easy to train new officers on how to use it. It’s easy to navigate whether you’re entering new reports, searching for reports, or gathering statistics. I would highly recommend Global Software!

Shane Lawson, Investigator

Clinton MO Police Department

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The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office Telecommunication division has been a client of InterAct since 2005. We are very happy with InterAct CAD. The program is very user friendly and has a lot of features allowing for the creation of data bases (i.e., Place files and Alarm files) which streamline call handling.

Nathan Baird, Dispatch Supervisor

Calloway County KY Sheriff’s Office

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InterAct Mobile has been a very useful tool to our Fire Departments, giving them quick and reliable information in order to provide better public safety.

Matthew Bernard, 911 System Administrator

Iberia Parish LA 911

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If you don’t have JailTracker, you are missing out and you need to get it!

Eric Vaugn, Jailer

Simpson County KY Detention Center

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We have listed InterAct solutions on our GSA schedule for many years, and together E-9 and InterAct have enjoyed tremendous success when it comes to doing business with the federal government.  Partnering with InterAct has been a great experience.  Our relationship continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of our clients in the public sector.

John Plott, President and CEO

E-9 Corporation

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I’ve been with InterAct since it was Crime Cog and I am very satisfied with the program and its ease of use.  I have and will continue to recommend it to other agencies. 

Dennis Dorge, Chief of Police

Splendora ISD Police Department

Splendora, TX

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Hollister Police Department is a huge fan of Caliber Public Safety’s InterAct Mobile Product – functionality and service are exceptional. We’ve used  the software for 8 years. I recently recommended it to a neighboring department and they immediately ordered 12.  Love working with the Caliber staff.

Captain Carlos Reynoso

Hollister Police Department

Hollister, CA

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Our agency has recently committed to the purchase of InterAct CAD, Mobile, and RMS with Caliber Public Safety. This project has been in the works for some time and we are thrilled to be making this happen. I have found my experience with Caliber Public Safety to be enjoyable and professional. 

Derrick Lawalin, Chief of Police

Tell City Police Department, Indiana

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We have been using the Caliber Public Safety CAD for seven years now. The product is feature rich and very reliable. When problems do arise, Caliber’s support staff is always very responsive and pleasant. Even their after hours support is staffed by knowledgeable personnel that can quickly resolve any problem that we may experience.

Robert M. Jones, Director

Fayetteville-Lincoln County TN ECD

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We work with many different CAD and other 911 system equipment vendors. I rate a vendor by the ease of working with their tech support team. Working with Caliber’s Global tech support was very easy during a recent reinstall of CAD on new workstations. Your tech support staff had the answers and info needed to make this install fast and complete the first go round.

Robert Arnold

AK Associates

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I have been very pleased to work with TAC.10, as they are very knowledgeable and prompt to return correspondence. Data is time sensitive so prompt assistance is crucial.

Shanda Harrington, CJCC Coordinator

Barron County WI Circuit Court

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Although I am new to using the RMS program from Caliber Public Safety, when I had a problem, the technical staff was quick to respond and fix the problem. I am satisfied and confident that if I ever do have problems with the Caliber RMS that it will be resolved quickly.

Officer Tony Lasagna

Brazosport ISD Police Department, Texas

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We have been using InterAct PocketCop for over ten years since its inception. The product performs on all platforms (mobile cruiser computer and iPhone) without issues and the support team is excellent.

Steven Smith, Bureau Commander

Newton MA Police Department

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It is a pleasure working with the JailTracker organization. JailTracker is the best upgrade to our facility’s technology. Your team’s professionalism and response to the installation was stellar. To have a major program installed, configured, and staff trained in only three days was amazing. JailTracker has improved the speed and efficiency of bookings and information retrieval of the individuals that have entered jail. The staff module makes it easy to keep track of pertinent employee information and education.

Lt. Bryan Price, Jail Administrator

Dickinson County, Michigan

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Our recent CAD update from Caliber Public Safety greatly exceeded our expectations! The downtime was considerably less than what was originally anticipated, and we were kept abreast of the progress via text message and phone calls during the entire process. A much improved, streamlined approach than past experiences!

Tammy A. Durham, Deputy Director

Jessamine County KY E911

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Caliber Public Safety is quite a different company compared to most. They have gone above and beyond to work with the Missouri Sheriff’s Association and myself to establish a statewide jail management system. They are an ambitious company that places customer input where it needs to be; at the forefront of the process. Caliber not only listens to the input of agencies, but actually makes changes to the system in an effort to improve the workflow of our office and all customers.

Sheriff John Cottle

Lincoln County, Missouri

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