The Wyoming and Grandville Police Departments have chosen TIMS as their RMS software adding to the numerous agencies that already use the TIMS police reporting software in Kent County, MI. Their purchase included several modules that enable CAD, e-Ticket and e-Crash data to automatically populate their police reports saving time and improving accuracy. They also will be utilizing the electronic Officer Daily program to help improve the gathering of statistical information on the officer’s daily activities thus making the departments able to more efficiently allocate resources based on accurate stats.
As an added bonus, these agencies will also receive some new functionality coming out in the latest release of TIMS which enables full police reports to be shared between select agencies. This will greatly improve information sharing especially when it comes to investigations.
Talon Incident Management System (TIMS) is an easy to use and affordable RMS system installed in over 100 agencies in MI and WI.
Caliber Public Safety (Caliber), a leading public safety software provider in the United States, announced the acquisition of Core Technology Corporation (Core Technology) on March 2, 2017. The acquisition of their public safety software solutions will enhance Caliber’s existing product line and expand its reach in the market. TIMS, a product of Core Technology, and is now marketed and sold under the Caliber family of products.