The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office in Grayling, Michigan has chosen TIMS for their new RMS system. TIMS, which stands for Talon Incident Management System, is also used by Grayling Department of Public Safety who has been using it for five years.
Crawford County Sheriff and Grayling DPS will now be able to more easily share data between agencies, and also from their CAD system with a CAD Import module that will bring their call for service records into TIMS.   Crawford County will also take a huge step forward in using a modern, Windows-based solution as their previous solution was an AS/400 green screen application. Implementation began in April and Undersheriff Shawn Kraycs stated that TIMS has been an easy transition compared to other system changes he’s been involved with.
The TIMS RMS software is scalable to fit agencies of all sizes. TIMS provides a wizard to more efficiently navigate through the entry of police reports and already supports the new MICR requirements from MSP which are to be used by all agencies by January of 2018.  One thing Crawford is especially excited for is the narrative templates which are provided for every file class and give the officer a guide to exactly what information is required based on the type of incident they are working on. Templates can be customized so an incident as simple as a false alarm can have a report completed very quickly by selecting a pre-built false alarm narrative template.
Caliber Public Safety (Caliber), a leading public safety software provider in the United States, announced the acquisition of Core Technology Corporation (Core Technology) on March 2, 2017. The acquisition of their public safety software solutions will enhance Caliber’s existing product line and expand its reach in the market. TIMS, a product of Core Technology, and is now marketed and sold under the Caliber family of products.