Wagoner County 911 Communications Center in Wagoner, OK has been using Caliber’s CAD since mid year 2011 and has decided to migrate to the flagship product, CADNG. Disconnected Operations and reporting capabilities are some of the main reasons.
Caliber Public Safety develops the only Computer Aided Dispatch software that builds in “disconnected operations” as a standard feature, meaning that dispatchers continue to do their job, as usual, even when their system is down. Once connection is restored, the workstations and server synchronize automatically. Work continues as usual, so the focus on saving lives and property continues, uninterrupted.
Standard XML exports are generated based upon a set of defined rules. These rules can be a combination of any of the following:
• Unit Organization or Department
• Incident Code
• Unit Status
• Area
In addition, CAD can be configured to generate an export via the Standard XML when any of the following events occur:
• Real Time (any time there is a change to the incident)
• Unit Status Change
• Issue of a Case Number
• Close of Incident