Moving to Online Records Management Solution (RMS) Includes Access to InterDEx
The Yankton Sioux Tribe Police Department, located in South Dakota, announced its intention to migrate from Caliber Public Safety’s Sleuth RMS to Online RMS. Hosted at Nlets, Online RMS will enable the tribal officers to search over 300 databases with a single query through Caliber’s unique InterDEx network. Having the ability to perform one search and obtain multiple results is a major enhancement for improving community and officer safety. The Yankton Sioux Tribe Police Department intends to use the integrated Call-For-Service (CFS) module for dispatching. For agencies with simple dispatch requirements, the CFS feature is simple to use and cost effective.
Christopher Saunsoci, Chief of Police, notes, “With Caliber, we feel that we are getting a lot of functionality for our budget. Caliber’s hosted Online RMS has an integrated Call-for-Service module as well as records management. When one of our officers does a records check, Online RMS will query over 300 national crime databases to give us actionable crime solving information that helps us to make our community safer. We are staying with the system we trust. We are moving into the future, taking the best of the past.”
Caliber, a leader in the public safety marketplace, provides software solutions, technology and services of the highest caliber to agencies that protect and service hundreds of communities throughout the United States. Faysal Tay, Vice President of Sales for Caliber Public Safety, is pleased that the Yankton Sioux Tribe made the decision to migrate for enhanced functionality, stating, “Online RMS searching power is multiplied with InterDEx, Caliber’s network of hundreds of nationwide data sources, which includes access to other jurisdictions’ police reports, including narratives. We know that the job is challenging, and having access to the needed resources should not be.”
Caliber Public Safety offers enterprise solutions in the areas of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Software (RMS), Mobile and Offender Management Solutions (OMS). Through strategic partnerships we have expanded our scope and reach, positioning our business to provide innovative products for agencies of every size throughout the United States.
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